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The lawyer's office was established in 1990. It started its activity with the foundation of small and middle enterprises, then later managed the legal and tax law cases of country-wide agency networks. Its range of activity covers actually almost the whole field of the economic law, especially tax law. Among its clients there are also several big Hungarian, and multinational companies, besides the Hungarian, and international small and middle enterprises. The office is in close co-operation with its business shared company, with the STÁDIUM venture and tax consulting limited liability company. (The offices: Lehel vezér square 9, H-5100, Jászberény, ground floor 1., 93. Szondi str., H-1068, Budapest, www.stadium.hu). The basic policy of the office is the ambitous, complex (legal, and economical), and reliable attendance of the clients. Language knowledge: German, English, Russian.

Category: Service activity

Activities: law, barrister, lawyer, awyer's office